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K New Who Only fans really need to get rid of the term “elitist.” 99% of the Classic Who fans are not elitists. We’re not going to sit here and scold you, unprovoked, for not watching or being uninterested in 82% of the history of the show (plus more cause Big Finish is still running). What will make us laugh at you is when you make yourself or your fandom look like a bunch of fools or whiny babies (see any overly obsessed Tennant fan who says “why doesnt the Doctor regenerate back into Ten??”).

When you say “I love everything Doctor Who!!1!!!1”, we assume you’ve seen Classic Who and will respond by praising the Nimon. When you respond, confused and maybe irritated, with “It’s hard too find,” we hear “I don’t love the entirety of Doctor Who enough to do 2 minute google search” or “We didn’t take 1 minute to ask a Classic Who fan on Tumblr where I could watch Classic Who.”

If you don’t want to watch Classic Who, that’s alright (I will have very little to talk to you about though). Just don’t claim you love everything Doctor Who related, simply because you don’t.

We’re not elitists, we’re just sad nerds that rarely find anyone in the real world who they can talk to about what they love. And for that, we get tired of constantly having to talk to people about just a fraction of the Doctor Who universe.

I for one really like NewWho. It’s just I do not prefer its overall community because most are oblivious to and disregard most of the show’s history, characters, etc. And personally I just like talking about aspects of Classic Who over NewWho.